Would You Rather? III

Other uses for toenail clippings. Thanks Pinterest!

Once again my life has become “Would You Rather,” the game of two unconventional choices such as: Would you rather use someone else’s clipped toenail as a toothpick -OR- eat a slice of spoiled green bread?  Hmmm tough one….I like the alliteration of ‘toenail toothpick’, and a lot of food tastes like mold to me, so would actual mold taste worse or better?  I’m game for experimentation: spoiled green bread.

My real and present “Would You Rather: Gain weight or have a red-speckled scabby face.  Dr. S thinks the medication, Metformin, that helps with insulin resistance and weight loss could be causing scab face and suggested I stop it.  

In the past, extremely disciplined, month I’ve actually gained weight on my 1,000 calorie/day low-glycemic diet, so….I’m stopping the Metformin–can’t stand looking in the mirror anymore, or the molting [in a desperate screaming tone: I’m molting…..]  Usually, when you’re fat, people will say, “She has such a pretty face;”  maybe I’ll be have a pretty face again.  I have yet to hear the following comment about a scab-faced woman, “She has such a lovely curvaceous body,” except that one time in France, in that little shop by the Louvre….but that’s another story.


  1. Ugh – frustrating doesn't even seem to touch a description for these decisions you have to make about your health and medicines/remedies. Just know you're continuing to be prayed for by many for complete healing!

    As for the toe nail clippings … I actually once opened a beautiful jewelry box at a Christmas party to find a pair of earrings made with someone's big-toe toe-nails that had fallen off (blechk!) So I don't think I would appreciate either option. …Oh, and I can hear you in my head this moment re-telling that story of the little French man in the shop and it makes me laugh!


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