First World Problems: Third World Prayers

It was a normal day–highly scheduled with lots of fires to put out; then in a span of ten minutes and three unrelated events, my perspective changed.  As I was leaving the workroom, I glanced down at my new blingy necklace and noticed one of the ‘gems’ had fallen out.  Grrr, but I have glue and replacement parts.  I proceeded down the hallway and some petite student inadvertently charged me–like a bull right for my favorite sparkly pink water cup; it crashed to the floor and broke.  Grr.grr, now what am I supposed to drink from?  I went to make some coffee (a bit of comfort albeit not Southern), and the coffee maker unexpectedly trickled out an ice cold light-brown liquid that looked like dirty water.  Grr…grr…

My necklaces made by Africans
Hold it in…there’s no need to get upset, these are First World problems and they aren’t even problems, they’re just inconvenient blips in your day.  Girl you need to change your reaction and when you think you have a problem…you need to pray for those who actually have a problem.  

And so I did, cold brown coffee-water in hand…I prayed for those Third Worlders: the ladies who make jewelry; the orphans who don’t have cups for water; refreshing clean water for the villages. This evening when my hot cocoa (made with whole milk and cream) overflowed in the microwave, I laughed as I prayed for the mamas’ milk to be abundant and overflowing with nutrition.


  1. Having lived in other cultures/countries not as “Americans” but choosing to live as they live one developes a different world view. God teach me today to live, to love, and to forgive as You love and forgive. Not my thoughts but Yours. Not what I think but what think. Your love flowing through me to help others as You wish them to helped.

    The same applies here in our country/culture. Too many are living and dying godlessly.


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