Week 5 Add-On: Garlic

On January 3rd I realized that I was going to have to make life adjustments: mind, body and soul….it was going to takes months to balance hyperinsulinemia, hypoglycemia and insulin resistance as well as convoluted thinking and feeling.  I had wanted an answer, a direction, but I knew that I couldn’t handle a complete overhaul on one day so determined to have a weekly plan.  Week 1 I incorporated a major change that I could handle for a week.

Each week I re-evaluate and include an ‘add-on’.  This week’s add-on: garlic…crushed and raw with the ultimate goal of 5-6 cloves a day.

It was the out of control rosacea that led me in this direction, and then I discovered raw garlic also improved insulin sensitivity.  For me, it’s a two for one, which I find to be a great deal.  But wait! There’s more: garlic is 4/$1. What Dutch girl with a beet red face and insulin resistance could resist a deal like that?

Garlic is a natural wonder drug that is: anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.  It’s also a kissing cousin to the onion (if you can’t find garlic, eat a really strong onion).  In the book Holes, Sam the onion man believes that eating raw onions can cure anything, and Stanley and Zero are able to avoid bites from the the deadly yeallow-spotted lizard after eating onions. 

I’m convinced. Who can argue with award winning Young People’s Literature?

For now, it’s one crushed clove a day (all the ‘antis’=nauseousness) with two dropperfuls of a tincture (Week 2 Add-On). I use a tiny spoon to convince myself it’s an amuse-bouche
UPDATE: Garlic made me nauseous for several hours every night…I’ve spent enough of my life being nauseous without self-induction.  For now I’ve quit taking garlic.

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