it IS well…

A year ago I crumpled to the ground before the the first line was sung–could barely mouth the words before the undulating sobbing ensued.  Unashamed and unknowing of the crowd around me, I wailed before God–with worshipping so loud know one heard my groanings, but Him.

The song It is Well had been swirling around my heart for months–years. It was my morning alarm, so  I would awake knowing I could trust Him.  It hung around my neck as a touchstone pendant, so I would  remember to trust Him throughout the day.  It was my anthem.

FullSizeRender 4

I attended Unite Midwest 2017 with no preconceived notions, no anticipation of songs–no pendant.  I flitted around the venue, connecting–worshipping–praying–reveling in the work of artist-friends.

Then, near the end of the evening, unexpectedly, the first notes of It Is Well sounded…and I smiled…stood a little taller at hearing my anthem. Gone was the familiar silent groan that I usually felt–the intense convincing within to let my soul go and trust in Him. I smiled…and sang…and only one tear unceremoniously baubbled on the edge of my eyelid.IMG_4402.PNG

The touchstone pendant:
The card enclosure reads: “When asked ‘how are you?’ it’s easy to say ‘fine.’ But really? We aren’t fine. Sometimes we are just waiting for God to make His presence felt, to direct our paths, to heal our hurts. We aren’t fine, but it is well with our soul. We say ‘O Lord, in You I have found a safe place’ (Ps. 31:1). Be firm in faith, despite the pain in life and you will discover a God who brings peace and joy in the strangest of places.”

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