My Favorite Things

Climb every mountain; search high and low…
28.jpgLike hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people, I’m enamored with The Sound of Music.  Decades ago, I was in the musical, and played the part of…..Baroness Elsa Schraeder (much better costuming than Maria). I was a little bitter that these two men had been to Trapp Villa in Austria.


Follow every byway; every path you know…

IMG_1718A couple of years ago, I was giddy to be on a mountain in Central Asia– there was a goat path (maybe it was sheep)–I was inspired and couldn’t hold back–I went all ‘Maria Von Trapp’ and yodeled “High on a hill…” at the top of my lungs.
I was a little bitter that my friend had danced and sang in the Sound of Music gazeboo in Austria.

Follow every rainbow; ’till you find your dream…
P1100184.jpgLast month, I climbed a mountain (actually my cousin drove up it)…and we took a baking class….at the Trapp Family Lodge–THE Trapp Family Lodge! I was as excited as piddle puppy, but I was in a professional kitchen and tried to contain myself. My cousin was just as excited, even though, she too, had been to the Villa Trapp in Austria.

We made tarts,  creampuffs, and galletes, but alas…

 no crisp apple strudel, but still…


a baking class at the Trapp Family Lodge with my cousin

–one of my favorite things.


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