Feeling Better And Living It Up

I’ve been feeling better for a few weeks, but there was that part of me that wondered if I would feel icky sicky and have to sleep my summer away in foreign countries.  When my friend wrote the following blog, I could see it in my eyes–I was healing (it can take time) and loving life again. 
When someone uses an entire month of her summer vacation,
spends $$$$ to fly thousands of miles,
and prays for you continually and in creative ways;
that girl’s a keeper.
We’ve been making merry ever since she arrived last week.
On Saturday we graced the illustrious railroad bazaar, aka Sunday flea market with everything from live ducks and geraniums to curtains and pee tubes.  ( I’ll tell you about those someday, I promise.)
Without prior planning, we came out of our respective boudoirs twinning coral Boho and rocking  casually slung shoulder bags.  

We allowed the Z girl in the photo because she had a new dress in the right color scheme.

This is why I wear sunglasses, people.  S Q U I N T Y  E Y E S.  Squinting makes wrinkles, you know.  Lisa does not squint.

And I really have to explain my pink unmentionable, even though my bosom buddy here says you won’t notice.  It used to be nude.  Tan.  Skin colored.  Then came scabies at the Children’s Home, and we had to wash everything in hot water, and I washed my Uzbek friend’s red bathrobe with all of our clothes.  End of story.  Except that I see it matches Lisa’s purse, so all’s well that ends well.

Lisa’s laughter has boosted our spirits.  Her encouragement has buoyed my attitude.
She’s played in the sprinkler and prayed for rain.  We got a gully-washer last night.  It was ankle deep in our courtyard, and Nial said he’d like her to pray for doughnuts.

She must’ve done just that because Sava asked if we’d like to learn how to make piroshki at her house.

Piroshkis are like huge, savory doughnuts.

Nial was happy.

Lisa and I have laughed at our cultural faux pas.  O.K. we’ve laughed at her cultural faux pas–she’s a good sport.
(I keep forgetting to tell her what’s kosher here.)

Remember Babu?
She waltzed into our courtyard whilst Lisa was sporting a bathing suit.
Babu took one LONG gander as she walked by.  Also, Lisa was sitting on cool ceramic steps–a real no-no here.
I do believe Babu has some owl-like characteristics, the way she can turn her head around on her shoulders while staring.
Lisa said she probably was thinking how great it would be to hang out in a swimming suit in the heat of the day.

Lisa’s a dreamer in the very best sense. 

She envisions big things for the cuties at the Children’s Home, and she’s going about making them happen.

She cheers my efforts as an art teacher.

Even when I’m doing dancey movements to explain the elements of drawing.  ??

We climbed a mountain, and she yodeled for locals who showed up after she started.  They clapped, and she probably curtsied.  
We’re having fun.
Which may be the biggest understatement in Central Asia.

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