Warmth In The Winter

Buttah Chicken over Cauli Rice
Trim Healthy Mama pg. 48 & 225
With the first spicy bite, I was unexpectedly transported to that first June night out in Jalalabad. A little Pakistani restaurant on the other side of town–bring your own water and go to the ‘magazine’ across the street to buy a carton of kefir to cut the heat of the chicken. There was no ice to cut the heat of the night air. 

Enamored with the mountain view, but mostly being in the company of the friend I hadn’t seen in a year and half–the friend who had encouraged me to read THM to help balance my insulin peaks and valleys (I much preferred the peaks and valleys of the 95% mountainous Kyrgyzstan).

The heat of the chicken and the night didn’t deter us from lots of laughs, conversation, and of course tea. 

Boys and rocks and water…a natural phenomenon that wordlessly occurs all over the world.  

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