Time Isn’t Money

When you travel, time really is money. 
(Divide the complete cost of your trip by your waking hours. 
My cost: $15 per hour {in Europe}.)   –Rick Steves

I wanted to get more than my money’s worth by sensorially sucking up every possible moment–my brian hurt–and the constant beauty and culture of Kyrgyzstan was overwhelmingly abundant.  My mental camera roll had more photo bursts than I could count…and though a picture is worth a thousand words, I couldn’t capture them all.

Day 1, Hour 3: Monument on the Silk Road

Day 1, Hour 5: The Art Studio;  My friend exudes creativity, pushes me beyond my comfort zone and is Hospitable (with a capital ‘H’).  

Edited Photo: I was NOT looking as perky or pretty as my friend–this was my first art class in decades.

Day 1, Hour 8: ‘Home Depot’ section at the bazaar.(admittedly this photo was taken from the car…I was beginning to fade)


Day 2: Children’s Home — Mountain View — Pakistani Supper
By the second  day’s end, I knew that it wasn’t about getting my money’s worth or capturing the perfect picture…I was living and Iaughing and it had been a long time. 

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