Break Every Chain

     A year ago when my friend left for Central Asia, I promised I would visit. In my selfishness, I wanted to get out of the country and have a long chat over coffee with my friend, but God had so much in store. In mid-April I attended a conference (Chicago Hub) and a young man with autism ‘spoke’ to the attendees using a communicaion board.  The next morning I nearly bolted up in bed with the thought: That’s why I’m going to Kyrgyzstan–to teach the non-verbal orphans how to communicate.

     At an April 30th meeting I met Susan, a teacher in my district, who was sharing about the awesome things God was doing for her non-verbal son, Keegan, using communication boards.  She showed me the picture board basics and had me Facetime with Kim who provided even more suggestions and guidance.  
     On my first day at the Children’s Home in Kyrgyzstan, I met Ernie face-to-face after praying for him for months.  He was laying on a mat for nap time; I joined him,  gently rubbed his back and sang: Break every chain…break every chain…break every chain.  Less than an hour later I read what Susan had posted in preparation for Kim and Michelle to come and work Keegan: The kids and I have {Break Every Chain} on repeat this afternoon…something is stirring…there is POWER to break every chain…
     I marveled at the way God was breaking chains on children’s minds on both sides of the world. Keegan’s Story.

Children’s Home: The kids were enthralled with the American boys and a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with wheelchairs.  The next visit, I felt like Maria Von Trapp walking single-file on a hillside–the teen in front toting a guitar.  
Start At The Very Beginning: Isabel has a face and demeanor that can’t be refused, but this youngster was more interested in the music outside and memories of the photographer and wheelchair rides.  On the next visit, we purposed to be distraction-free and there were numerous successful ‘gaze responses’ with two of the three children. We plan to introduce pictures on our next visit.
Vision: Create a communication system that can be easily used by the nannies, volunteers and short-term volunteers who don’t know the language.


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