Heart Matters

I’m dragging. I have been since the beginning of the year. No umption in my gumption.

Jan 12th: I couldn’t stand for very long because my blood pressure would drop and pulse would increase (higher that 130bpm). I stayed home from work and called my doctor.

Jan 15th: Dr. N was concerned so I wore a holter monitor and kept a symptom diary for two days: no episodes of A-fib, but there were about 3,000 incidents of PVCs. I was thrilled with the number, a year ago I had 10,000 in one day. 

Jan 17th:  I let me Dr. N know that the events in the symptom diary seem very reminiscent of when my thyroid meds were too high last fall.

Jan 27th: I only make it through a couple of classes before I lose my stamina and patience and go home.

Jan 29th: I’m feeling good and cancel my appointment for the next day.

Jan 30th: I awaken with a jolt and my entire leg and foot cramping and twisting…it feels like a wildebeast is trying to break out of my chest.  I check my pulse and it’s going from 165 bpm down to 80 bpm and back again.  It’s A-fib and I’m a little scared.  Amazingly I recall what the cardiologist advised a year ago: lay down, take a deep breath and bear down.  It works and I don’t have to fear the paddles.  I go to work and call my doctor: there’s an appointment open in 10 minutes if I can make it over. A plan is made, meds are changed, and blood is drawn–I’m low in magnesium (in combination with the crazy thyroid issues = crazy heart issues).

Feb 2nd: Snow Day from work, and I’m dragging. I try to rest as often as I can, but matters of the heart take time to heal.

The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. I Samuel 16:7


  1. Trust in our Heavenly Father more in the detours of life is more important than in the deep dark valleys of life. Detours blindside us quicker and easier. He never leaves us no matter what is happening. He loves his children and provides an escape for us.


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