Joy in the Morning


    One afternoon, I received some troubling news.  Not horrible, just a little something that gurgled up within me: I viewed the situation as unjust and wanted to ‘go to battle’ instead of trusting that God would ‘go before me’.  The next morning I awoke and wasn’t as troubled, but wanted to make sure my demeanor didn’t change.  I started a steamy shower, pulled the tub stopper, threw in some epsom salt and a few drops of Joy*.  To further enhance my quick-spa experience, I put It Is Well (Bethel Music) on repeat.
  It Worked!!  I spent the day hummin’ the tune–feelin’ the joy–hearin’ people say, “I want what you got.”

  I got the JOY.
*Joy: Young Living essential oil…yes, I’m a distributor.

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