How Are You Feeling? II

I’m feeling better than I did a year ago

it’s not because of Christmas break and snow days

It was still a rough year
symptom bursts,
medication reactions
hope deferred
perplexed doctors 
A year ago Dr. Endo reminded: “It IS hyperinsulinemia.” 
I believed him– sort of–but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago 
I realized:
gluten enzymes help with sensitivity to Metformin
thyroid medications had to be lowered
magnesium oil clears my face
Mirvaso helps the facial flush
the MRI for neuroendocrine tumors was clear
sleeping through the night is attainable
I have more moments of:
spontaneous singing and whistling
amusing myself with silliness
It’s been years, but I have:
helped backstage with a Christmas play (2 years)
sang with the praise team at church (2 1/2 years) 
cooked & baked & even invented a few recipes (3 years?)
been in a musical (4 years)
I’m more purposeful about what I eat
how I prioritize my time… my energy 
I remember Dr. Endo told me:
“This will take months…years to turnaround.”

In the midst of the craziness of real enemies trying to kill him (not just continuously feeling cruddy), David said, “What would have happened had I not believed that I would see His goodness? Wait patiently for the Lord, be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” (Ps 27:13-14)


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