The Buddy The Elf Diet

This time of year fondly brings to mind the blood test that required me to eat carbs…lots of them!  In preparation, for three days I had to eat at least 300 grams of carbs, and if one day was lower than 300g, I had to start all over.  At the time I was faithfully gluten-free, so it seemed much easier to eat the simple carbs; it kept life….simple.  I ate frosting for breakfast–creamy, heaping spoonfuls.  Needless to say, I was symptomatic during that time.  

Unfortunately, the night prior to the blood draw I had to fast and my carbfest was over.  The process for the blood draw seemed a bit top secret, or one the labe didn’t do often.  The vials for the draw were stored on ice and the technician kept making reference to a large manual, then going back to the super secret tech area, then checking the manual.  The blood was sent off and must have been normal because it was years before I found out I have a persnickety pancreas and have to be particularly prudent about the Ps (potatoes, pizza, pasta, portions). 

But…my oh my….that was one of the sweetest test preps I’ve ever encountered.

300g of Gluten-Free Foods 
nearly one cup of frosting
4 cups of granola

5 large servings of french fries
8 cans of cola
10 ears of corn on the cob

For tips on how to prepare, just follow Buddy’s advice:

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