Some days I feel like my health is a game that’s a combination of Don’t Spill the Beans and Pick Up Sticks…add a bean, take out a stick, and try to keep it all balanced.  

I’ve been praying for progress…and it’s been an answered.  I feel MUCH better than I did a year ago, and better than I did three months ago, but on those days of exhaustion and nauseousness…that’s when it’s tough to be hopeful.  

This week I had a few doctor visits (technically one was Convenient Care: moments after using new drops, my eyes burned and started swelling):
– four different doctors determined I have a sensitivity to fillers and preservatives in some medications
– my insulin level (the highest the doctor’s ever seen=four times normal) has decreased nearly 50% over the past 8 months
– Dr. S was EXTREMELY impressed with what I considered a pithy weight loss–evidently with the severity of the hyperinsulinemia, I should weigh at least 80 pounds more than I do
– I have a referral with another specialist (co-chair of the department) in a few weeks to address another endocrine deficiency

Currently the eyes have it:
– bloodshot and losing vision
– sensitivity to three different medications
– puffy and excessive tearing
– might be due to hyperinsulinemia 

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