#rainbowmaker part 2

On Sunday, the final day of Spring Break, I realized that I’d seen a rainbow, in some form, every day of break: a prism reflection on my fridge, breakfast at Rainforest Cafe, Jabaawokeez show, screening for a television show (double rainbow in the form of a tattoo) and the list went on.

I recognize that the rainbow* represents a promise from God; so, for a week, I wondered…searched for the promise that he was trying to get through to me.

On this morning, I was wondering whether or not I’d make it through church…for a number of weeks, I’d had a headache that played tag team with nauseousness.  When I woke up, my eyes were stuck together with gunk, I was slightly nauseous and I prayed, “Oh God, I’m so worn and tired, just let me know if I can make it through church service.”  I went to the bathroom to clean up my eye gunk, only to find it speckled with flecks of blood.  And I laughed…it had been just a year and a week since I’d had a new symptom.  I shook my head in bewilderment..speckled eye gunk…and laughed some more.

Then I heard the familiar ‘ping’ from my phone of an instant message (from my early-riser, first-service attending, prayer-warrior friend).

How’s that for an answer to prayer?

*The rainbow appears when we have most reason to fear the rain prevailing; God then shows this seal of the promise, that it shall not prevail. The thicker the cloud, the brighter the bow in the cloud.” Matthew Hentry’s Concise Commentary

One comment

  1. Sorry to read of a new symptom; but, wow, what an awesome reminder of God's promise! I needed to read the reminder of His promises myself. Thanks. Continued prayers.


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