#rainbowmaker :D

A few weeks ago I was giving myself a pedicure, nicked my toe–and proceeded to bleed like a stuck pig for three hours.  This little piggy bled wee–wee–wee…into the morning hours.  Coconut oil and intense direct pressure got ‘er. 
     I was not inclined nor happy to go to work the next morning–tired, nauseous and potentially cantankerous.  Once I arrived at work, I was smacked in the face with a change to my day: my associate was helping out another teacher, however, in her place was my long-time friend.  Unfortunately, my attitude got nicked and the uglies started trickling out. 
     First business of the day: a rainbow needed to be constructed and I tried to explain my vision, but I was highly ineffective; my uglies were oozing out instead.  My friend was kind and encouraging and patient and tried to stop my hemorrhaging attitude.  
     Finally, at the end of the day, sitting in my aloneness, contemplating the symbol of the rainbow, I finally realized the promise of God to never leave me nor forsake me.  I recognized what a blessing it was to have someone work with me on a morning when I wasn’t at my best, a long time friend who loved me in spite of my uglies dripping all over the place.  God had arranged that all for me, he blessed me with what I needed–the right person at the right time.  
     All it took was a glimpse of a rainbow and a reminder of promises.

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