Nose News–Doin’ Better Than a Monkey

Thursday I called Dr. T’s office (taste/smell specialist) and was able to get an appointment the next day–I took it. I needed to get this follow-up in because the window for nerve recovery is closing; after a year, the possibility of recovery or improvement diminishes exponentially.

     Dr. T offered to let me do the sniff test again but my results for the first round: Slightly better than chance (or a monkey who can hold a pencil and fill in a bubble). I declined, it was a bit frustrating the first round and I hadn’t had phenomenal improvement; often every inhalation is onion body odor or stale hotel room: cheap flowery perfume with cigarette undertones. I’ll be on a steroid burst for 20 days; on the plus side, steroids increase blood sugar and energy. 
     He thought my essential oil smell therapy was genius and with my affinity towards differentiating and relishing in scents, I’d be the one to do it. He was also going to talk with his mentor to see if there was anything else to be tried. The harsh reality is that my sense of smell will never be totally restored. 
     In the last 11 days, I’ve had appointments with six doctors in just as many disciplines. It feels like the crazy days at Mayo while working full-time–admittedly there’s a therapeutic shopping bill.

No Longer a Job Option for Me–I Would Have Looked Great in a Lab Coat:


  1. praying the steroids bring some improvement and healing along with the essential oils aromatherapy you're doing for yourself …and couldn't help but chuckle at your last comment/picture. You are an encouragement to me even in your trials, you still at times display the wonderful sense of humor and joy that the Lord has given you.


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