How Low Can It Go?

Monday I called to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. S to determine how the medication for Syndrome X was working. The choice in dates: locally in April or UIHC on Wednesday. It really seemed like God had opened a door for me. 

I went armed with documents and reasons why I believed I had some sort of rogue autoimmune disease–despite the fact incredible amounts of blood work for this were normal.  Dr. S asked how the medication was working. I felt I was tolerating it well. He increased the dosage and then asked, “So what’s going on with the eyes.” 

I’d forgotten I’d had clinic notes related to OMS sent to him. Then, of course, I got a bit emotional and explained that my eyes moved around in conjunction with the other symptoms and showed him the video.  “Oh…sometimes when blood sugar goes too low, it can have neurological effects.” He pulled out my labs:
blood sugar: 14% decrease in average in 18 months
C-peptide: highest he’d ever seen
blood sugar: average that was at a fasting level

He thinks it could be chronic low normal blood sugars with episodes of biochemical low blood sugar.  I’m eating a low GI diet and checking my blood sugar when I’m feeling symptomatic. Because I feel symptomatic sooooo often I’ve set some parameters so I’m not checking blood sugar every waking hour.

This really makes sense and aligns with symptoms AND bloodwork. The sweet thing is that it wasn’t on my radar…like the gentleman he is, God opened the door and let me walk through.


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