Psalm 139:1-16


   Oh Lord, you have thoroughly looked at every bit of my heart and know absolutely everything about me there is to know. You know me when I sit, stand walk and cry…and you know every single thought that’s in my head.
   Even though I want control of my life and where it’s going, you map out my life path ahead of me…guiding me and letting me know when to stop and take a break.
   Before I even part my lips–you know what I’m going to say…let it me honoring and pleasing. You go before me and you follow me like a constant sphere of protection.
   You place your loving hand of blessing on my head–blessings that go from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.
   I want to know–I’m curious–but your knowledge is too wonderful for me…much too great for me to know and understand.
   I want to stay in your sphere of protection where your fragrant spirit penetrates me.
   You made me–designed me and prepared me in my mother’s womb…a physical sphere of protection. Thank you for making me so complex that you’ve got the medical community stumped and scratching their heads. Your workmanship is marvelous and wonderful and intricate…like the fine silken nerves for smelling and the way they pass along information.

   You saw me before I was born and loved me every single moment of my days in your book. You took care to put down every moment before a single day had passed…before I took my first breath or cried out.

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