SPAMtastic Dream Comes True

Seeing this sign made my heart flutter a little…for years I’d entered the SPAM competition at the Iowa State Fair, but had never won that elusive blue ribbon…maybe a visit to my meat mecca would turn the tide.  However, my purpose for traversing this highway was for an appointment at Mayo Clinic, not for fulfilling a culinary dream.
June 26th…check it off the Bucket List.

     After three full days of appointments in late June, I was able to make it to theSPAM Museum…10 minutes prior to its close.  Alas, there would be no more admittance to the museum, but the gift shop was open for my therapeutic shopping, and who doesn’t need a SPAM tire pressure gauge, or Spammy Jammies? We weren’t the only late arrivals; a family came running in, the father apologizing, “Sorry we’re late–there was a huge traffic jam in Chicago!”  The young son in a quandary…a souvenir from the SPAM Museum or their next stop Mt. Rushmore.

September 8th…second visit in 6 weeks

In early September, I was heading home from a wedding in Rochester and refused to miss out on an opportunity to actually go through the museum; it opened at noon–I pulled into the parking lot at 11:59.  Moments later, as if on cue, all the vehicle doors in the parking lot opened simultaneously–it was nearly magical as we moved en masse to the meat mecca politely jockeying to be the first visitor through the door.  We weren’t disappointed in the displays or the bacon-flavored SPAMples.

SPAM exam…no trouble for this teacher.
“Why DON”T some people like SPAM?”
D) Impossible

I was expecting a puppet production of SPAMlet,
but it was not ‘to be’.
SPAM & Theater–two of my favorite things…
and  “A Love Story”
and a piggy door

Creepy fashion statement
safety wear for SPAM production?

Ohhh giant SPAM can, why do they cage you in?
Be free–be the salt of the world.


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