Getting Beyond Disappointment

Last Tuesday as I was praying about my appointment, God impressed upon me that I needed to ‘lay my Isaac down’–my desire for an answer was surpassing my desire for a relationship with Him.

How do I do that?  Show me the steps…what does a sacrifice of a desire for an answer look like?  Seriously, I’ve been seeking an answer for decades…this is nearly embedded in me. Don’t you know I think and process A LOT?

Friday, as I was driving to Minnesota for a wedding, still marinating in my frustration and disappointment, I was listening to some teachings on Youtube that were encouraging but didn’t help me resolve the “I don’t know what this is, but let’s do another test and refer you to another doctor” mantra I’d heard.  Saturday morning the flavor of disappointment was pretty much permeating me, so I searched Youtube specifically looking for ‘laying Isaac down’.  God led me to “Bill Johnson How to Overcome Disappointment.”

Yep–I’m disappointed, so Billy Boy whatcha gonna tell me about how to lay my Isaac down, because that IS NOT title of this video.

*WOWziers…Oh God…you are so sweet to me… what a great way to start my day–I can’t wait to write out the Psalms in prayer.
I arrived at the wedding fairly early and had some time to burn, so I picked up their monthly devotional and opened to “Writing a Prayer: Psalms” by Jane Herring who wrote “All the things I’ve shouted out to God, King David shouted out too…Writing prayers of trust and confidence is a powerful way to deepen our faith…Use the Psalms as inspiration to write your own psalms, your own prayers.”

Oh God…you are so sweet and consistent and faithful and your revelations to me are amazing and surprising and I love it!!

*Video Synopses:

people want heart answers
some reactions occur because of unresolved past disappointment
be brutally honest before God, but don’t accuse
confess what you know to be true of God
have The Word with you–go to the Psalms
He does have an answer for the pain
hold up your biggest disappointment as an offering
contained in your greatest loss, is your greatest victory
repeat often, 6+ times a day


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