Nailed It–Mondrian

Unbeknownst to me, my first encounter with the Dutch cubist Mondrian was The Partridge Family touring in their groovy bus.


Decades later I taught elementary art and the curriculum bequeathed me was, in my simple artist brain: brilliant!  It aligned key concepts and ideas of an artist with the ability/learning level of students.   The kindergartners learned about Mondrian with his bold lines and primary colors, creating their own geometric versions with tempera paint.


At Mayo Clinic, the bold nails made me memorable.  I liken it to people who are on TV competition shows, and wear the same hat, bow tie or oversized glasses to help them stand out.  Mondrian nails in a sea of septuagenarians was definitely a stand out–even though I did it for the fun of it and didn’t realize the conversations it would open with schedulers, technicians, clerks and strangers.

However, I was a bit-put out that one test didn’t allow nail polish or acrylic nails and my temporary canvases had to be trashed, but not before some photographic evidence.


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