Testing From A to Z


I have been tested for everything from Addison’s to Zollinger Ellison.

CTs and MRIs have been checked and double checked

Blood–lots of blood–has been taken

The results are all: Unremarkable

I don’t have:
Addison’s; Adrenal Insufficiency; Asthma; Allergies
B vitamin deficiency
Carcinoid Syndrome; Cancer rare or otherwise; Crohn’s; Celiac
Diabetes; D vitamin deficiency
Endocrine abnormality; Endometriosis
Fecal Fat abnormality
Gastroparesis; Gall Bladder (removed in 2002)
Heart problems
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Ketone abnormality
Leukocyte abnormality; Lupus
Mononucleosis; Microscopic Colitis; Menopause
Neuropathy; Nephrotic Syndrome
Oxygen saturation problems
Pheochromosytoma; Pulmonary problems; POEMS
Q-Fever (wasn’t tested for it, but I do know someone who has it, pray for him!)
Respiration abnormality
Systemic Mastocytosis
Throat, strep; Tumors, Tonsillitis
Urinalysis abnormality; Ulcerative Colitis
Wegener’s granulomatosis
X-ray abnormalities

Yolk Sack Tumor
Zollinger Ellison

I have been tested daily.

My heart and mind have been checked and double checked.
Blood–lots of blood–has been shed.
The results are all: Remarkable

I do have a(n):
Advocate; Almighty God; Author and Finisher of my faith

Beloved Father; Bright and Morning Star
Comforter; Cornerstone; Creator
Defender; Deliverer
Everlasting Father
Fortress; Friend
Good Shepherd; Governor; Guardian
Healer; Helper
I AM; Inheritance
Judge; Justifier
King of Glory; King of Kings
Lifter of My Head; Lord Jesus Christ
Master; Mediator; Mighty God
Name Above All names
Only Wise God; Only Begotten Son
Physician; Provider

Qanna (Jealous God)
Redeemer; Refuge
Sanctifier; Savior; Shepherd; Sure Foundation
Teacher; Truth
Unspeakable Gift
Very Present Help; Victor
Wonderful Counselor
Zokef kefufim (Straightener of the Bent)

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