The Results Are In…

     Wednesday I was having coffee with a friend who asked, “So what’s the next step?” I didn’t know…not a single one of my Plan Bs had worked out…all of my ‘if–thens’ (no matter how many ‘thens’) didn’t go according to my plan. So, I wait upon the Lord and usually it’s an ugly wait on my part.
     Thursday afternoon I got a two page summary from Mayo Clinic with all my test results attached. Spark Notes of the summary: Thank you for visiting, sorry we couldn’t arrive at a specific diagnosis, here are some things that might provide symptom relief. I called my sister and cried a deep wiffery cry that filled my nasal passages with copious amounts of snot in minutes, but the wiffers lasted only about 50 minutes (impressively low for me, usually it’s days)–because God is faithful, He will never leave nor forsake me.  
     I asked God what I should do next, and He said, “Wait.” So I plastered on a smile and went to praise team practice to offer up a sacrifice of praise–God is Able was a song on the line up. Afterwards, I cried for another 5 minutes while my brother prayed for me over the phone.

And I waited…And it wasn’t long…And it was worth it.

Over the next 24 hours, I was amazed at God’s sweetness–the orchestration of calls and appointments were beyond anything I could have planned or scripted.  Can you believe that the doctor’s office called ME to set up an appointment–THEY called ME.  

So, what’s the next step?

Wait, patiently and with hope–and probably with moments of deep wiffery cries that require lots of Kleenex, because I really don’t know when or how long or what or why.


  1. Hey Dearest Beautiful Lisa,

    My heart sank as I began reading your post… But Then you shared how you chose into an expectant attitude of heart. But Then you shared how you chose into praising & trusting God. But Then you shared God's faithfulness.

    Thank you for sharing honestly so we know how best to pray for you. Thank you for sharing a beautiful song and sweet reminder that God IS Able. Thank you for encouraging others in the midst of your suffering.

    With much love & continued prayers of expectation and healing…


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