Don’t Ask, Don’t Wait

     This is the number one response I get from God when I petition Him–so sometimes I don’t ask, because I don’t want to wait.  This week I was a driver for a friend going to Mayo Clinic and in my mind that seemed the perfect timing for me to arrange a follow-up with my doctor.  I asked God and his response wasn’t ‘wait’ it was ‘call’.  My timing seemed to be falling into place, but In spite of the number of medical appointments I’ve had, I’m not the best at calling on my behalf if it isn’t an emergency.  Once when I sought medical attention after vomiting blood the doctor said, “You don’t look sick,”  I wonder if I’d provided physical evidence in his presence if he would have thought differently.  
     Even though I wasn’t oozing blood, I boldly called and explained that I was seeking a follow-up appointment with my doctor since I was in the area, but my doctor wasn’t in the office the day I’d be at Mayo (he’d forewarned me that his summer was quite full).  It seemed my timing/planning wasn’t working out real well, and I asked God what do next: ‘wait’.  
     The next day, another situation arose and once again, I asked God and his response wasn’t ‘wait’ it was ‘call’.  I started marinating in my planning, current rejection, thoughts and insecurities, then I read from Jesus Today by Sara Young:

I am the One who keeps you safe. You tend to rely heavily on your thinking and planning, as if that is where your security lies.  When you start to feel anxious about something, your mind goes into overdrive–searching for solutions, searching for security.  All the while I am with you, holding you by your right hand.

Beware of trusting in yourself–which is foolish.  Instead, walk with wisdom and you will be kept safe.  The essence of wisdom is to trust in Me more than yourself or other people. I stand ready to guide you with My counsel, so bring all your concerns to Me.

The next morning a friend sent me TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria Osteen:

God promises that there are set times in our future, but He doesn’t tell us when they will be. Your set time may be tomorrow morning at 9:47. You’ll get the phone call you’ve been waiting for. Your set time may be two years from now. You’ll get a good break that will thrust you to a new level. My question is, “Do you trust God enough to believe that your set times are coming?” Are you willing to wait with a good attitude? Are you willing to get a new perspective?

Remember, that set time is already in your future. Don’t let the negative thoughts talk you out of it. The way you know that you’re really believing is when you have rest on the inside. You’re at peace. You know the answer is on the way. You trust that God is working things out.

Today put your faith and trust in Him and enter into rest. Know that He is good and He is for you! Your set time of favor is on the way!

I made the call and the chain of response was: yes, no, maybe, wait, no, maybe, wait.

Waiting on the Lord.

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