My Sherpas

 “The Sherpas were generally enthusiastic, energetic and good-natured and quickly gained a reputation for being not only first-rate mountaineers, but wonderful companions.”
Tenzing Norgay & the Sherpas of Everest

To navigate my visit to Mayo Clinic, I wouldn’t have been able to manage without a Sherpa*–friend and former co-teacher Beth. She was gracious enough to agree to this position before she really knew the time and energy it would entail. She and her husband live just 82 minutes from Mayo Clinic (according to my Smart Phone) and were gracious enough open their home to me during this past week. 

The Weary Sherpa
The duties of the Mayo Sherpa were to:-drive me to, from and around Rochester
-schlep and keep track of medical records–on one occasion she commented, “This bag is too light, something’s missing.” She was right, I had a two-inch thick envelope of medical records in my hand.
-get food–when going on standby at neurology at 10am, she went to the other end of the building to get Bruegger’s Bagels, corn chips and cream cheese
-carry my shopping bags
-keep track of the itinerary and plan the next route; the moment I was done with an appointment, she would confer with me about the route planned for the next appointment or check-in
-remind me of God’s truth and promises when I started to over-think my situation or focus on the enemy’s lies
-keep the mood light-hearted and ‘play’ with me while I waited on standby
-attend appointments with me and encourage me when I needed to be bold
-offer Kleenex and levity when the tears started falling
-return monitors and collection jugs while I waited for the next appointment
-find Red Lobster so we could indulge in comfort food–cheddar biscuits

I am grateful for my Mayo Sherpa and the innumerable unnamed Sherpas who have been self-sacrificing, tenacious best friends of this foreigner on her journey.  Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

*The duties of the Himalayan Sherpa are to:-set up camp
-ensure that loads are evenly distributed
-be responsible for safety
-liaise with the client
-support the client along the track
-run ahead to make sure the tea is on the boil when clients arrive at camp
-be self-sacrificing, tenacious best friends of the foreign mountaineer
-schlep loads for them and their client
-purchase local food during the trek/expedition
-make the final decision regarding route choices
-handle other trip logistics such as dealing with government officials or police

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