Mayo Clinic – By the Numbers

Kleenex & Itineraries

The first five days at Mayo Clinic added up to more than I thought they would:

24 appointments
8+ itineraries
2 24hour tests

6 doctor visits
4 buildings, 2 with 19 floors
1 research study
18 blood pressures
1 sweat test
1 biopsy
2 cardiac tests

2 breathing tests

1 allergy test
1 tilt table test
4 blood draws in 3 locations = dozens of tests
28 hours of fasting over 3 days
1 day of inconsolable crying = innumerable Kleenex
96 hours of no tomatoes, nuts, avocados, etc.
8+ pounds or 500 pages medical records
2 CDs of images
9+ check ins for standby
2 overnight monitor tests with event/symptom diaries
EQUALS: no diagnosis yet, but, A LOT has been ruled out.  

Tonight I was talking with my dad and he asked, “Are you feeling better?” *Pause* “I don’t mean your symptoms, do you have peace of mind?” 
“YES, Dad, yes I do!”
EQUALS: Hope and peace of mind–God is faithful.


  1. Have you found the Partridge in the Pear Tree? Kiddo, you and your ministry are worth ever bit of it. You are in our hearts, love, and prayers.
    PS: We all do miss your smile and presence.
    John & Eloise Prater


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