Odd, Quirky, Weird

     Early in the week, there was a situation with my online medical account. I called to see what was going on and they weren’t really sure…”That’s odd, you’re the only one incurring that problem.” (I wanted to know why)
     In the middle of the week, a document and e-mail (with 12 conversations) mysteriously disappeared from my school account. After seeking help from numerous experts, the head tech guy came to help and after some manipulation, the missing were found…”That’s kind of quirky, you’re the only one who had that happen. On Friday, my computer was the only one in the room not receiving wireless reception. (I wanted to know why)
     Then on Friday after 5pm I realized that several checks from my bank account couldn’t be processed (in spite of sufficient funds)…it was weird (I wanted to know why).
     After being on thyroid medication for over two weeks, my energy level is increasing, but I’ve noticed that some other symptoms are also increasing…and I want to know why.
     Friday evening I finally realized: Lisa — you’re not always going to be able to figure it out.

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