Would You Rather?

     I enjoy the game “Would You Rather.” It poses two unconventional choices, and you have to choose one and explain why. For example, “Would you rather eat a scab sandwich OR eat a bowl of puss?” (scab sandwich because it reminds me of bacon, however the puss would make a nice ‘au jus’)
     Right now my life example is, “Would you rather need to have 14 hours of sleep a day, have your hair fall out and fuzzy thinking OR be nauseous nearly all the time with horrible bouts of wheezing that nearly knock your lungs out?” I choose nauseous wheezing, because at least I’m awake.
     Gratefully, the thyroid meds are allowing me to live again, but every day that I feel more alive and awake, the other symptoms are also increasing in severity. I do hope that having my thyroid in check will unmask what’s occurring with the rest of my body.  Just the other day I had become totally content with knowing that my next appointment was in January and out of the blue (or the hand of God) I got a call from Iowa City and they said I had been on the cancellation list and there was an appointment for me in December.

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