In the ‘No’

     Last weekend, in a 24 hour period, I needed 19 hours of sleep — this was frustrating because it was more than the 12-14 I usually need. I was determined that at my appointment on Thursday, I was was going to demand that Dr. S. test me for hypothyroidism. Since July of 2010 I’ve felt like I had symptoms of hypothyroidism and in fact have asked to be tested several times — the result for the TSH was always ‘no’. I even did the Barnes Temperature test that was indicative of hypothyroidism, but the blood results were ‘no’. This spring, when I was so exhausted I had asked my PCP to test me and the result was ‘no’. In May, Dr. S. did other thyroid tests in conjunction with the TSH, but the TSH was still normal. 

     On Thursday I armed myself with my major symptoms and was determined to address my issues Dr. S.  About 45 min prior to the appointment, they draw blood, so it’s ready for the doctor to review with you. I let the nurse know what was going on and she said, “We tested your thyroid levels today.” When Dr. S got there, he went over the results (one indicator had changed a lot since May), explained what Hashimoto’s was, told me how to take the prescription and said to let him know in a couple of weeks if I was seeing improvements, they don’t happen overnight. This had been on the doctor’s radar since May. Treatment for Hashimoto’s will clear numerous symptoms ‘off the board’ and hopefully make diagnosis of other things easier
     I truly didn’t need to worry, God had gone before me and made the rough places plain.  Isiah 45:2: I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.  

“Yes is in Your Future”
When God laid out the plan for your life, He laid out the right people, breaks, opportunities and open doors. But on the way to these marked moments are “no’s” — closed doors, setbacks and disappointments.

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