Giddy for Gluten

Last weekend, I  tried to be intentional in hopeful thinking.  I wanted my hope to be in the Lord, not in what I might learn or hear at my doctor appointment.  Sometimes changing my thinking is like turning a huge ship, it happens slowly and takes a lot of room.  In preparation for my doctor appointment this week, I went off medications (sometimes they want to do tests without them in your system) and realized I was more hopeful –one of the medications had been adding to my feeling of being @ witz end.
In July I prayed that I needed an appointment with the doctor who would best be able to solve my problems–this week I  had that appointment.  Dr. T had thoroughly read my current records (was adamant about getting my records from the 90’s) and said with all that was going on with me, it might be more than one thing and he has a plan to ‘weed through the mess’.  Some tests require you to be off medications for a certain period of time; however, to completely rule out celiac I have to eat gluten for six months — thankfully I’ve been regularly eating gluten since June (reactionary from the scan results).  I have three major tests between next week and January — then in late January I meet with Dr. T to go over the results and if there’s no clear answer, the next round of testing begins.
No answer — but I’m super psyched to have gluten over the holidays!!! It’s been years since I’ve indulged in my Christmas favorites.  Yesterday I went to both bakeries.
I’m thankful-God is faithful:
*off medications = testing could occur earlier
*eating gluten = testing could occur earlier
*off medications = more hopeful
*wasn’t given another medication to take
*acknowledgement that it could be multiple issues
*Dr. identified that two medications had the same effect = go off one
*able to be scheduled next week for testing

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