Banking on it…


Being with this pumpkin nearly every day has been strumming at my heartstrings, bringing memories of my mom and aunt to a swell.

A few weeks ago, we were working on a mock checking account  and had finished up October’s deposits and withdrawals.  I flipped the calendar worksheet over to the next month so we could do more entries.  Out of curiosity, I took a peek at November 6th–Mom’s birthday–fully expecting a blank square–it wasn’t. In the square for Wednesday,  November 6, 2013 the transaction listed was: “Guardian Angel Banking.”

My eyes leaked, and my student declared, “Why are you crying?”

“This summer, my mom died–she had a sister she loved very much, and her sister had Down Syndrome. When I help you, it reminds me of my mom helping her sister.”

“I’ve got Down Syndrome!” She exclaimed excitedly.  “But, I do have one question…when you cry, why don’t you make any noise?”  She had a quizzical look and explained, “When I cry I make a lot of noise…like BOOOO HOOOOO!”attachment-1-1

I had to chuckle, “I’m more of a leaker; I don’t think you would want me to make a lot of noise.”  We continued to work and I continued to leak.

Several days later in a nearly deserted parking lot, I ran into a couple from my church…we commiserate in the grief of loss.  I told them the story, reveling in the fact that God cared for me so much, that years ago he  inspired someone to make a worksheet that would fill me with hope in 2016. That’s a god who cares.  The momma couldn’t hold back her tears, “November 6 was the day our son took his life.”

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