Spontaneous Symptom Swapout…Fruitfulness

I have various symptom diaries that date from July 1996 through August 2013:
-Spreadsheets with simple checkmarks.
-Calendars with exhausted, nearly unreadable scrawbles.
-Boxes filled in to represent mild-moderate-severe.
-Specific:  exact moment, ounce or mL.
-Apps too time consuming to continue.

The symptoms were spontaneous in nature occurring at any hour of the day or night.  The only commonality was me: no pattern for precursor, time, or place. 

Two years ago Dr. R asked me to keep a symptom diary for two weeks and send it to him. 
I balked, then explained: the symptoms overlapped and occurred so frequently I wouldn’t be able to attend to my job if I kept track of the exact minute each symptom befell me. 
I acquiesced; recorded symptoms in two hour increments, then faxed him a diary.

Recently I’ve wondered..
What would a ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ diary look like?
What if a crop of fruit spontaneously burst forth in my life unexpectedly and overlapped at all times of day or night, with no pattern for precursor, time, or place?

Fruits of the Spirit


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