It’s Not Easy Eating Green

     With a stomach that’s fickle about digestion and dark circles under my eyes, I realized I needed to eat nutrient-packed food. I’d tried various nutritional drinks and raw, organic vegetable juice, but just wasn’t feeling it. Then, in a very cool God-like way I was led to green superfoods. I ordered some superfood powder that contained spirulinaextremely nutrient dense and the highest source of naturally occurring protein in the world.  
     When my superfood powder arrived, I enthusiastically added two heaping tablespoons  to a fruit smoothie and chugged/choked it down.  The next day I made another smoothie and accidentally spilled it…it  looked like something that had already been digested, not something to be ingested.  I knew I needed the nutrients (and iron) but this was not a pleasant experience.  For the next several days, I decreased the amount of powder, added it to water, plugged my nose and downed it in as few gulps as possible.  
     The thing is, my sense of smell and taste are still evolving…a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frapuccino tastes like charcoal.  Vanilla tastes like charcoal; green superfood tastes even nastier.  Nasty, charcoal greenfood…but, I’m still chugging it down: last Saturday I had more energy than I’ve had for years.  
**I recently bought some green superfood in tablet form.**

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