It’s Been a Long Time

I think back to a year ago, unknowingly plagued with anemia and hypothyroidism, and on any given Saturday I was able to: 

  • get up to lay on the couch 
  • sleep 
  • watch television 
  • sleep 
  • watch television 
  • go to bed
In fact that was how life had been for a few years–slugging through day after day.

Today I was able to: 

  • deep clean the laundry room 
  • get a haircut 
  • put away six loads of laundry 
  • tour a house with Mom 
  • mail a package 
  • organize products that came in the mail 
  • take a nap 
  • pray
  • fill the car with gas 
  • encourage a child 
  • donate cans and bottles 
  • buy Mother’s Day cards 
  • donate food to a food shelf 
  • put away clean dishes 
  • read part of Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst 
  • make a lot of carrot juice 
  • dye clothes 
  • watch television 
  • write friends 
  • forgive someone 
  • stop by the Costume Shop 
  • post a blog entry

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