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Even with an appointment on the horizon, I’ve been feeling quite hopeless.  I’ve plateaued at FINE. I know that my soul must march on in victory (my knee’s been feeling better).  I know that the enemy’s whispering in my ear.  I know God’s truth.  

I know: stress+time=what you’re made of.  

I’m just a battle weary warrior who is no longer surprised with the new, odd physical things that are occurring. Some days I’m too worn out to even care that I don’t feel well.

It is only when we come to the end of ourselves and our hoarded resources, all our own reserve, that we begin to recognize our need and to count upon the Lord. And sometimes the Lord has to take us there. It is the only way he can get our attention and cause us to believe that he is trustworthy, he is faithful. He will make our lives productive. (comments on I King 17) David H. Roper

Though I’ve not walked in his shoes, David said it well in Psalm 38.

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