Amended Summer Plans

My Summer Plan: 
  1. Have Super Duper Scan
  2. Get tumors removed
  3. Address health problems not resolved by tumor removal
God’s Summer Plan for Me:  For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. -Jer 29:11, Amplified Bible 
     Yesterday I’d had a phone call from the UIHC nurse, to let me know I was going to be referred to Dr. R. I let her know, that he referred me to Dr. S.  I reiterated some of my continuing problems not taken care of by the medication and finished the phone call with a slightly tearful: I didn’t care who I see — I just need to see someone.  Of course the phone call threw me for a loop and made me question what was going on — should I accept the referral to Dr.R., insist on an appointment with Dr. S., call the nurse back? 
     A couple of weeks ago, I’d been encouraged to let God know specifically what I needed. My prayer: I needed an appointment with the doctor who would best solve my problems: Dr. R, Dr. S —Dr. T (or even Mr. T, although he’s not a doctor) — I just needed an appointment.  I got an e-mail from Dr. S a little later with a couple of medications to try as well as a referral….to an ologist that wasn’t even on my radar.  Imagine that, God answering my prayer in a way that I didn’t expect, predict or was happy with.  A round of tears, a bout with martyrdom and 40 minutes later I remembered my prayer: I needed an appointment with the doctor who would best solve my problems.  
     With vast amounts of time on my hands, I find I want to solve my problem instead of having faith that God is in control; a nearly constant mental struggle.  Last week, God impressed upon me that this process might take time and I should just have fun this summer.  This week, a doctor told me, “This might take some time, you need to go out and have fun this summer.” 

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