At 9am — on the dot — my insurance advocate called asking if I had received any calls regarding my medication since last Friday…I hadn’t.  She expressed that my case was her top priority for the day.  Later, I went out for lunch with some out-of-town friends and my parents, we walked into the diner and there, right in front of my face, nearly ran into him, was Dr. S. from UIHC…the doctor who is facilitating my part in the Ga68 Clinical Trial tomorrow.  I took the opportunity to introduce my parents and, of course, express my extreme excitement for the scan tomorrow. (He does occasional specialty clinic visits in Pella.) How awesome is God to orchestrate that meeting — what a sense of peace it instilled in me, to know that God cared so much for me He wanted to give me a pre-scan surprise!! An hour later I got a phone call from one of the top supervisors with my insurance letting me know my medication was ready to pick up at my local pharmacy.
{I got some cute fun socks to keep my feet warm tomorrow.}

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