Sleepy Sheep

     I slept 12 hours last night and still struggled to get out of bed — but I know that when a sheep is sleepy The Shepherd comes to her.  I know that when a sheep is ill/lame The Shepherd gently places her on His shoulders, around his neck and carries her; all the while He whispers in her ear until she knows the sound of His voice.  And, ohhh the things He whispers: “Lisa, I will love you with an everlasting love.  You are my child. Your times are in My hands. My thoughts towards you are precious. I will bless you. I have placed my hand upon you. I will hold you with my hand. I do everything for you in love. I am for you. I will not fail you. I am your provider and will abundantly supply all your needs. With me, all things are possible.“*
     A month ago I spent three hours in one day trying to get a prescription refilled.  After more calls the next day, I got an ‘official letter’ that would allow me to get my medication without all the hullabaloo.  Not so.  After spending a half hour this morning on the phone, the refill is still not authorized, BUT after only a handful of salty, cheesy popcorn and a bite of chocolate, I remembered: God will abundantly supply all my needs according to this riches in glory.  And I repeated it, and repeated it and repeated……(take repeatedly until symptoms subside).  I know that He will supply all my needs because yesterday there was a different prescription refill waiting for me — I hadn’t called it in, I hadn’t communicated with my doctor.  God supplied all my needs, in advance, so that I would know how much I was loved and taken care of.

*ReallyWoolly birthday card

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