This morning, I spent about a half hour on the phone with the insurance company before I realized I had called the wrong department. My call was transferred, then dropped, which was okay, because I had a summer class I needed to get to.
     During a break at class, I went to get a soda (still not always able to sleep through the night and needed caffeine) — two cans came out of the machine. My immediate reaction was a loud “Praise God!” There was a co-worker who was in the room and I went on to explain, “God, loves me and he’s providing for me and even if it’s an extra can of Diet Pepsi, I’ll take it — cause I am LOVED!”
     After class I called the insurance company to find if the scan was covered. They said I needed the procedure codes. Grrr… I hate having to call clinics to get information when I’m not really sure who I should call or if I’m calling the righter person. Three minutes later UIHC called to answer my questions about the scan, then she asked if I had an appointment (I hadn’t even thought to ask if I could set one up). She set one up for me on the spot…June 19, she then gave me the procedure codes. I called the insurance company and the codes worked…my doctor just needs to give them notification. I’m covered!!!!!!! In more ways than I’ll ever know.

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