I said ‘YES!!’

     School’s out for the summer, but this morning I was there to finish up a bit. I went to the computer lab, glanced at the floor underneath the tables and there was a $5 bill tucked in a floor outlet. On the way home from school God told me, “I will provide for you in unexpected ways.” **
     Talked with T at UIHC who wanted to know ‘yes’ or ‘no’ concerning the scan; I told her to put a big bolded ‘YES’ with lots of exclamation points by my name. This was after she had said it was important to get pre-authorization from my insurance company, without pre-authorization, I will need to pay upfront, in full before the scan will occur (I asked if it could be credit card, check or if a chunk of gold would work). **Refer back if you are wondering how this will work out.
     Today my energy was better, but I’ve had a couple of days of rest and didn’t really work today; still had my usual naps.

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