In our family traditions are fluid…hanging on for awhile, morphing, then letting off. For years, we girls would make a holiday ornament or decoration, but it’s been years since we’ve had a Christmas craft time. Thanksgiving, combined with our November birthday celebration, afforded us an opportunity for a sentimental make and take.


  • lockets: silver, gold {choice of bling}
  • colorful sympathy cards {filled with prayers, memories and verses}
  • birthstone baubles
  • dried daisy petals {from Mom’s celebration–daisies were her favorite}
  • healing hearts







It wasn’t the easiest to cut out whimsical heart backdrops from sympathy cards for the locket {Who decided against the circle?}, and more than once the delicately dried daisy petals nearly blew away in the flurry of creativity.


Mothers helped daughters…P1070721.jpg

Sisters helped sisters…


Aunts helped nieces…

P1070720.jpgVersion 2







…and all hearts were connected


by a common love of a very uncommon woman of faith.P1080035.jpg


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