Happy Birthday Dear Lynda!
This morning a friend suggested I drive the three and a half hours to surprise my sister for her birthday. 
I highly considered it, until I remembered how exhausted I get.
My phone call with her was nice, but she missed hearing Mom say: “Happy Birthday dear daughter–my first child–the one who made me a mother.”

Yearly, my mother and I would traverse to Kansas City to meet my sister for her birthday–hotel with a pool; Cheesecake Factory; girl-time.  

Two years ago was our last Birthday Bash. Last summer, I was out of the country and weddings and showers filled the celebratory gaps state-side.

We don’t always get to celebrate birthdays together, 
so we celebrate whenever we’re together!

*SINGING WITH GUSTO* “This is your birthday blog…it isn’t very long!!”

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