Ginger Up

I thought I was being original…ginger juice, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, sweetener (Manuka honey/stevia) in a little glass that could be deftly thrown into the throat and downed with one swallow…I would call my creation: The Ginger Shot.  I was imagining the award ribbons, and talk show interviews touting the creator of the cure-all for the 21st Century.

Drink of the Month: Ginger Shot
Turns out ginger shots have been around for years–probably centuries–because of their incredible health benefits; there’s even a website for ginger shots. For me: ginger helps gut motility and eases nausea, both which can be a prevalent and  problematic. 

However, even without the cayenne pepper, I find The Ginger Shot a little ‘burny’, but I may have to get used to it, and in case I don’t, I have some ginger capsules…which are a bit easier to carry in my purse.  I AM a fan of Ginger Chews, but the sugar in them makes me sneeze
Ginger Up: to excite or enthuse.

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