My Momma’s Heart Is So Big

congestive: an unnatural filling
     My mom’s her heart is dangerously enlarged…trust me, she’s no grinch…never has been.  She’s a lover of life and people and especially THE Lord–she loves well. About seven months ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Congestive Heart Failure–there are only four stages.  At that time, the medical professionals were talking palliative care and a 24/7 IV of medication that would give her ‘quality of life’, but the extra oomph of quality it gave her heart would put the quantity at about six months.  My parents decided to let God number her days, and declined the IV that would anchor her activities, but there’s just no stopping a congestive heart from filling and getting larger.

     In thinking about hearts, I wonder if conditions of the physical heart mirror the conditions of the spiritual one.  When the physical heart is skipping beats, is the spiritual one out of sync with God? In the same vein, if a heart, like mom’s, is ‘congestive’ is it just too full…of love?  I’m hoping that the spiritual conditions are more hereditary.

The Father fashioned the human heart to long for intimacy with Him and others. – Mike Bickle: Loving Others in the Love of God (Jn. 15:12)

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