Language Lesson

Prequel Excuses: My eyes hurt.  It’s dry and there’s so much to see. Some of my glasses give me a headache and I gave my ‘readers’ to Babu. It’s hot and I may have had low blood sugar. They were in a Smurf box by other candy.

At the grocery store, I was hankering for a chunk of chocolate, so I gave in to the impulse buy at the cash register and bought several little packages of what looked like bite-sized chocolate. On the other tiny box, I distinctively remember seeing the word ‘blanca’ which I interpreted to mean white, and the picture of a chicken meaning: ‘chicklet’–therefore it contained little pieces of white gum.  The price was low, and I decided these little cubes would be a taste of Kyrgyzstan (fermented horse mild doesn’t pack well) for my family back home, so I bought a lot of them.  Some for me…some to share.

That night I went to indulge in my sweet treat and got a closer look, only to realize I had bought bullion cubes.  Wendy’s cupboard is now well-stocked; no matter how small, I can’t justify schlepping bullion halfway across the world.


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