20 Year Easterversary

The Easter lily signifies rebirth and a new beginning.

Easter Sunday 
— twenty years ago 
— my first ER visit 

My heart had been pounding–racing during and after church; I called my parents in bewilderment.  Mom said she didn’t want me driving in ‘that condition’ so my father would pick me up to join them for Easter dinner.  My dad hijacked me…he didn’t take me to Easter dinner, he took me to the ER.  I balked–protested–then finally acquiesced.  I’d been seeing doctors for several months for fatigue and respiratory complaints, but they all agreed: there was nothing wrong with me.  The ER doctor agreed, but said to come back if the racing heart continued.  I went back that evening and was admitted for observation.  
By Monday afternoon it was determined I had: pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis and mono.  Tuesday afternoon, my gastrointestinal system got involved and I’ve been chasing an answer ever since. 

20 years…
it makes me wistful
day-to-day it seemed tedious and laborious
more than 7,000 days of wondering and angst
only a few hundred of days of resting in the peace of God’s promises
a few hundred days–worth the celebration
20 means…the completion of a perfect waiting period of expectancy–redemption

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