Birthday Blessing

God answered our prayers!!  Not how I’d expected, or imagined–I was hoping doctors’ offices were equipped with confetti cannons for moments like this.

For years I’ve prayed for: 

a Cure, Healing, a Root Cause and Clarity*

…tucked away in my prayer journal—my request—my heart—my desire. 
Just days ago, I took a risk and opened up this request to prayer warriors who would battle with me and asked for answers before my birthday tomorrow, March 23, 2015. I felt bold, powerful, ready for battle, but within hours, I withered and realized that it’s easier to pray a bold prayer than to believe it. 
I began to feel vulnerable, foolish, stupid—
Who was I to pray a bold prayer and actually expect an answer? 
Who was I to ask others to join me when my faith waned? 
Who was I to think that God cared enough about me to have an answer
…what was a few more months
… a few more years?

On Wednesday night, I was getting sick about every hour or two which made for a sleepless night that I tried to fill with prayers instead of worry and conjecture. I felt pretty nasty by 8 a.m. when the test [to measure the volume of my stomach] rolled around. I met with the doctor a couple hours later—the consultation was brief—he’d already read notes from the referring doctor and test results. With little aplomb he stated my stomach emptied at a normal rate but the volume test, that hadn’t been available when I was at Mayo two years prior, was abnormal. There were medications I could take and I’d start feeling better (in a month or so). There was no confetti, no swell of dramatic music, and no ta-dah.

I was shell-shocked…a bit dumb-founded…thrilled that a test was abnormal, and, as the tears began to form, asked how lack of stomach expansion could explain the myriad of other symptoms that occurred concurrently. As the doctor plunked the Kleenex box in front of me he said, “We can’t always know how or why things occur, but sometimes we know what will make them better.  With eating, there are numerous hormones that are released.”  For the record, I only had half a tear that I wiped away with my index finger, and now, instead of my medical record saying I’m ‘pleasant’, it also says I’m ‘lachrymose’…and I didn’t even use one Kleenex!! I wonder how I would have been described had he seen one of my full-fledged crying fits.

Twenty years and that was it—no follow-up needed. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the finality, but I remind myself that I don’t need to understand*– bold prayers were answered.

Tea towel on my nightstand for several years.
Photo: a gift from my parents on my golden birthday
–it was given to them when my mom was pregnant with me.

*Even in January 2012 I wanted to figure things out and had jotted Proverbs 3:5-6 in my journal: Completely lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord from the bottom of your heart and with all of your mind. Do not rely on you own insight, understanding or knowledge; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, think about what He wants. Know, recognize and acknowledge Him, and He will direct, make straight and keep you on a crystal clear path.

*Cure: [relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition; treatment that cures a condition] medication – pharmacological or herbal

Healing: [process of making or becoming sound or healthy again] ongoing physical and mental
Root Cause: [underlying source of symptoms] stomach that doesn’t expand
Clarity: [quality of being clear or defined] it’s not what I’m eating—it’s because I’m eating and the many hormones (chemicals) that are released


  1. Oh goodness- this just came through on my email and I want to hop up and jump for joy! I so enjoyed celebrating you on your birthday, friend… And now I am excited to celebrate *with* you for God's goodness!!! Continuing to pray boldly for your journey to healing & praising God for His answers & His mighty works in you!


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