More Than An Atrium

[Thursday, March 15]
     I didn’t mind having water for lunch–wasn’t really hungry–just waiting to be symptomatic, and close to a lab if I needed to use the Fast Pass.  Loretta, my sherpa-in-law, had been fulfilling her duties to the utmost, so I encouraged her to go shopping while I waited to be symptomatic.  
     She schleped my stuff for me to the Gonda Landow Atrium; earlier in the day people were singing show tunes as we walked through*.  I intended to sit in the corner under the stairs, but God directed me toward the second seat from the grand piano.  Being a reflective person, I got out my journal, but before I could jot down a word, I realized the staff member at the piano was playing praise music.  Smiling at the gift, I joined in with harmony. 
 How great is our God…sing with me…
We will overcome, by the blood of the lamb and the word or our testimony.
Bless the Lord oh my soul.
Song after song–the acoustics were wonderful, and the presence of God was amazing.  I looked at the top of my journal page, and from nearly a month earlier was written: Worship is the key to release.  The skittishness I often feel post-appointment was a vapor–I felt it melting off.
     Andy sat between me and the grand–a plumber who played the bass and was being seen for congenital pulmonary fibrosis–and we talked of faith, prayer, music and art.  He reminded me of my father with his plaid shirt, sparkly eyes and no one being a stranger.  
     Loretta returned and a bit later ministered to a woman who’d had a rough life.  All the while, we were trying to decided whether or not I should eat.  A consensus was reached: live life like you normally do, because that provokes symptoms.  We were just ready to get some vittles, when I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in years walking by.  We talked at length about health issues and their upcoming move to China as missionaries.  As they got ready to depart she asked if she could pray for me.  Of Course!
Loretta Takes a Turn
Staff Member Leading Praise & Worship
Anyone Can Join In

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