I’ve just had one day of my life sucked away…

When the adrenaline finally slows…
Sleep — lots of deep, deep sleep with vivid dreams.  
Moments of sudden exhaustion resulting in an instantaneous sleep
 — where you lay down and hours later wake up in the exact position that you fell asleep.

In twenty-four hours I slept for about 19, and I felt so foggy and removed.  I wasn’t sure I should even leave the bed for fear of making a wrong decision–any decision–it seemed too overwhelming.

I was reminded of the scene in The Princess Bride where Wesley has one year of his life sucked out of him and when asked: Be honest, how do you feel?

He’s only able to whimper.

Yesterday I felt like one day of my life was sucked away hours at a time, and all I could do was lay there and whimper.

One comment

  1. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing. So sorry that your health gives you so much grief. Love you and love the way you keep going in spite of all the stuff that you have to deal with.


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